We are the After8s

A competitive PvE and PvP PS4 Destiny clan!

We are a close-knit group of competent and skilled PvE and PvP players from the UK and EU . We are keen to strive for results in everything Bungie throws at us and pride ourselves with being efficient at what we do, whilst still having a good time. You'll usually find us online on our Discord server: organising, chatting or discussing aspects of the game.

As our name suggests, we tend to organise games for after 8 pm GMT, with games at the weekend being more varied in time. If you believe you have what it takes and are looking for a new place to call home, rather than just another clan, feel free to check us out and follow the steps here to apply to join.

Clan Roster -
Username Role Joined Status Characters Twitch Time DTR Raid Report

Clan Stats

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Vault of Class

Best 3-man player: Ty-Ni
Top Nightfall scorer: FaiNt87
Most strikes: Hushspesh
Most Public Events: Xeos_6
Most grinding: Mini-B0rg40
Most clan exp: Vortex4950
DrHendrik award for pvp: XanderLuke
Best new addition: Murdie1
Guessed the Discord award command: Fryde
Clan MVP: Intemerata_
Clanmate of the year: Ronobear87
Top Nightfall scorer: Pamzillah
Most strikes: Aliashush
Most grinding: xLionSin_Escanor
Most helpful: iWhackEpic
DrHendrik award for pvp: rLycan_
Best new addition: TopazSky
Clan MVP: X_White-_-Ninja_
Clanmate of the year: Dannilad

Are you looking for a new place to call home?

What we can offer you:
- A stable, long-standing clan with passion and a burning desire for all things Destiny
- A very active and fun Discord server to discuss strategies, help each other out and schedule sessions
- A platform with like-minded players who do challenging pve and pvp endgame content
- A place to call home

What we are looking for:
- At least 50 FULL raid clears
- 1.5+ overall pvp K/D
- Earned at least six Crucible pinnacle/ritual weapons
- At least 3 out of these seals acquired: Reckoner, Shadow, Flawless, Rivensbane or Unbroken

We don't want players who log on once a week solely for a raid and aren't active in Discord! If you're looking to be part of a community for the long term and meet at least three of the above mentioned requirements, please get in touch with Daryl#9451 on Discord.