Clan Loot

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Icon Name Description Element Source Total Link
21% Delirium Legendary | Power | Machine Gun

Pinnacle - Season 6

A Shadow Rises Grants Title: Shadow Complete all "Season of Opulence" triumphs

A Thousand Wings Exotic | Ship 'The Whisper' Mission

Affinity's Gift Legendary | Ship Dawning 2018

After the Nightfall Legendary | Emblem Speedrun all Nightfalls

Almighty Grants Title: Almighty Complete all "Season of the Worthy" triumphs

Alpine Dash Exotic | Sparrow Dawning 2019

Always on Time Exotic | Sparrow Scourge of the Past

Anarchy Exotic | Power | Grenade Launcher Scourge of the Past

Antediluvian Legendary | Sparrow Ascendant Primeval Servitor

Armory Forged Shell Exotic | Ghost Shell Niobe Labs

Arrivals Grants Title: Forerunner Complete all "Season of Arrivals" triumphs

Bad Juju Exotic | Kinetic | Pulse Rifle Quest - Season 7

Bastion Exotic | Kinetic | Fusion Rifle

Quest - Season 9

Black Armory Grants Title: Blacksmith Complete all "Black Armory" triumphs

BrayTech Osprey Legendary | Power | Rocket Launcher Strange Terrain

BrayTech Werewolf Legendary | Kinetic | Auto Rifle Festival of the Lost

Breakneck Legendary | Kinetic | Auto Rifle

Pinnacle - Season 5

Buzzard Legendary | Kinetic | Sidearm

Ritual - Season 9

Cleansing Knife Legendary | Sparrow Last Wish

Conqueror Grants Title: Conqueror Complete all "Grandmaster" triumphs

Crucible Grants Title: Unbroken Complete all lifetime Valor and Glory rank triumphs

D.F.A. Legendary | Kinetic | Hand Cannon Tree of Probabilities

Dawn Grants Title: Savior Complete all "Season of Dawn" triumphs

Death's Razor Legendary | Power | Sword Warlock Heroic Menagerie

Deathbringer Exotic | Power | Rocket Launcher Quest - Season 8

Destinations Grants Title: Wayfarer Complete all Destination triumphs

Devil's Ruin Exotic | Energy | Sidearm Quest - Season 9

Divinity Exotic | Energy | Trace Rifle Garden of Salvation

Drift Apart Legendary | Ship Ascendant Primeval Servitor

Duty Bound Legendary | Kinetic | Auto Rifle Savathûn's Song

Edgewise Legendary | Power | Machine Gun

Ritual - Season 8

Ermine TAC-717 Legendary | Ship Last Wish

EV-37 Voidstreak Legendary | Sparrow Solstice of Heroes

Exit Strategy Legendary | Kinetic | Submachine Gun

Ritual - Season 8

Flawless Grants Title: Flawless Complete all "Trials of Osiris" triumphs

Flawless Empyrean Legendary | Emblem Trials of Osiris Flawless

Furtive Shell Legendary | Ghost Shell 3 Infamy resets

Gambit Grants Title: Dredgen Complete all Gambit triumphs

Garden of Salvation Grants Title: Enlightened Complete all "Garden of Salvation" triumphs

Goldtusk Legendary | Power | Sword Hunter Heroic Menagerie

Heavy as Death Legendary | Emblem Iron Banner

Heir Apparent Exotic | Power | Machine Gun Guardian Games

Horror's Least Legendary | Energy | Pulse Rifle The Corrupted

Hubris of Niobe Legendary | Emblem Solve Niobe Labs puzzle

Hush Legendary | Energy | Combat Bow

Pinnacle - Season 7

Impact Velocity Exotic | Sparrow Exodus Crash

Izanagi's Burden Exotic | Kinetic | Sniper Rifle Quest - Season 5

Komodo-4FR Legendary | Power | Linear Fusion Rifle

Ritual - Season 9

Leviathan's Breath Exotic | Power | Combat Bow Quest - Season 8

Loaded Question Legendary | Energy | Fusion Rifle

Pinnacle - Season 5

Lore Grants Title: Chronicler Complete all Lore triumphs

Ludomaniacal Legendary | Emblem 3 Infamy resets in a single season

Lumina Exotic | Kinetic | Hand Cannon Quest - Season 7

Luna's Howl Legendary | Energy | Hand Cannon

Pinnacle - Season 4

Malfeasance Exotic | Kinetic | Hand Cannon Quest - Season 4

Mindbender's Ambition Legendary | Energy | Shotgun The Hollowed Lair

Moments of Triumph: 2019 Grants Title: MMXIX Complete "Moments of Triumph 2019" triumphs

Moments of Triumph: 2020 Grants Title: MMXX Complete "Moments of Triumph 2020" triumphs

Not Forgotten Legendary | Energy | Hand Cannon

Pinnacle - Season 4

Of Ten Suns Exotic | Sparrow Complete the "Prophecy" dungeon flawlessly

One Thousand Voices Exotic | Power | Fusion Rifle Last Wish

Outbreak Perfected Exotic | Kinetic | Pulse Rifle 'Zero Hour' Mission

Oxygen SR3 Legendary | Energy | Scout Rifle

Pinnacle - Season 6

Pallas Galliot Legendary | Ship The Shattered Throne

Persistent Blaze Legendary | Emblem Complete all Mastery Triumphs

Point of the Stag Legendary | Energy | Combat Bow Iron Banner Ritual - Season 10

Python Legendary | Energy | Shotgun

Ritual - Season 9

Quarantine Zone Legendary | Emblem Complete 'Zero Hour' time trial

Raids Grants Title: Rivensbane Complete all "Last Wish" triumphs

Randy's Throwing Knife Legendary | Kinetic | Scout Rifle

Ritual - Season 8

Reckoner Grants Title: Reckoner Complete all "Jokers Wild" triumphs

Redrix's Broadsword Legendary | Kinetic | Pulse Rifle Quest - Season 4

Redrix's Claymore Legendary | Kinetic | Pulse Rifle

Pinnacle - Season 3

Revoker Legendary | Kinetic | Sniper Rifle

Pinnacle - Season 7

Ruinous Effigy Exotic | Energy | Trace Rifle Quest - Season 11

Savior of the Past Legendary | Emblem

Corridors of Time

SCRAP CF-717-91 Exotic | Ship 'Zero Hour' Mission

Shadow of Earth Shell Legendary | Ghost Shell Crown of Sorrows

Shadowkeep Grants Title: Harbinger Complete all "Shadowkeep" triumphs

Silicon Neuroma Legendary | Kinetic | Sniper Rifle The Pyramidion

Silver Tercel Legendary | Sparrow Petra's Weekly Story Mission

Simulant Spring Legendary | Emblem Complete all Revelry 2019 Triumphs

Starlight Shell Legendary | Ghost Shell Ascendant Challenge

Sugary Shell Exotic | Ghost Shell Complete Crimson Days Triumphs

Tarrabah Exotic | Energy | Submachine Gun Crown of Sorrows

The Dreaming City Grants Title: Cursebreaker Complete all Dreaming City triumphs

The Emperor's Chosen Legendary | Ship Heroic Menagerie

The Fourth Horseman Exotic | Energy | Shotgun Quest - Season 10

The Last Word Exotic | Kinetic | Hand Cannon Quest - Season 5

The Long Goodbye Legendary | Energy | Sniper Rifle The Insight Terminus

The Militia's Birthright Legendary | Kinetic | Grenade Launcher Lake of Shadows

The Mountaintop Legendary | Kinetic | Grenade Launcher

Pinnacle - Season 5

The Recluse Legendary | Energy | Submachine Gun

Pinnacle - Season 6

The Tribute Hall Legendary | Emblem Maximum Tribute discount

The Vow Legendary | Energy | Combat Bow Crimson Days

Throne-Cleaver Legendary | Power | Sword Titan Heroic Menagerie

Tilt Fuse Exotic | Sparrow The Arms Dealer

Thorn Exotic | Kinetic | Hand Cannon Quest - Season 6

Traveler's Chosen Exotic | Kinetic | Sidearm Quest - Season 11

Trichromatica Exotic | Ghost Shell The Inverted Spire

True Glory Legendary | Emblem Reach Legend in Competitive

Truth Exotic | Power | Rocket Launcher Quest - Season 7

Undying Grants Title: Undying Complete all "Season of the Undying" triumphs

Universal Wavefunction Exotic | Ship A Garden World

Warden's Law Legendary | Kinetic | Hand Cannon Warden of Nothing

Warminded Legendary | Emblem 40/40 Sleeper nodes

Wendigo GL3 Legendary | Power | Grenade Launcher

Pinnacle - Season 7

Whisper of the Worm Exotic | Power | Sniper Rifle 'The Whisper' Mission

Wish-Ender Exotic | Kinetic | Combat Bow Quest - Season 4

Wish-Maker Shell Legendary | Ghost Shell Last Wish

Worm God Incarnation Legendary | Transmat Effect Will of the Thousands

Xenophage Exotic | Power | Machine Gun Quest - Season 8

You Are Worthy Legendary | Emblem Flawless in Trials of the Nine